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Donna Mac and her husband, Jason, live in the Chicago-land area with their identical twin 11-year-old daughters, 9-year-old daughter, and their two Puggles. Donna is not just some teacher or some therapist offering therapeutic and academic ideas for shy children, children with social anxiety disorder, and children with selective mutism; even more important, she is also a mom of twins diagnosed with selective mutism, in addition to ADHD and apraxia of speech (which is a speech delay). The twins were diagnosed at age 4 with SM, and after intensive treatment, one twin "only" has social anxiety disorder now, and the other doesn't qualify for a diagnosis of even that. With the combination of Donna's personal and professional experience, her goal is to offer hope and a sense of universality for the SM community, in addition to bringing awareness to this rare anxiety disorder of SM.


Donna Mac earned a bachelor's degree, with honors, from the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign, where she was the section leader of the Marching Illini and Vice President of Mu Phi Epsilon, a professional fraternity. Donna earned her master's degree in both clinical mental health counseling and school counseling. She holds an LCPC, and she also earned a Type 03,  Type 09, and Type 73 certificates. Donna has worked professionally with children for 21 years, as a teacher in both regular and special-education settings for 6 years, a nature-based summer camp director with typically developing children and children with mental health concerns for 9 years, a Special Olympics Coach for track and swimming for 2 years, and currently as a licensed clinical therapist in a therapeutic day school for 14

 years, where she also serves as a Spiritual Ambassador, guiding her fellow staff members spiritually.


At the therapeutic day school, Donna specializes in treating suicidal adolescents in both individual therapy and group therapy, in addition to working with teens in therapy suffering from bipolar disorder, psychosis, borderline personality disorder, ADHD, and an array of anxiety disorders, including SM, PTSD, OCD, agorophobia, and generalized anxiety disorder. Donna has been a leader in helping school staff to write IEP goals for children with anxiety and other disorders, as well as giving presentations on effective lesson-planning for group therapies, and also developing and implementing proper protocol for effective case-note writing, in-line with risk management policies.


Regarding ADHD, Donna has been published in numerous journals, magazines, newspapers, and websites, and has been interviewed on four radio shows, including Chicago's Mix 101.9, and she has been on two TV interviews. Specifically, for SM, she has been published in Choosing Therapy for 1 article & Counseling Today for 2 articles (featured in the "articles" tab on this website).





Donna also has another mental health book on the market, also intended for clinicians, teachers, and parents.


It's a 476 page manual titled, Toddlers & ADHD, so most people assume it just focuses on the 1-5 year-old population suffering from ADHD, but the 17-chapter book actually covers ADHD across the lifespan, so teachers or parents of children with ADHD of any age can benefit from reading it.


The reason it’s titled Toddlers & ADHD is because chapter 6 focuses on the differences between "normative toddler behaviors" and "ADHD toddler behaviors," indicating clinically significant symptoms for that particular age range.


Toddlers & ADHD was published by Balboa Press in March of 2014, and for more information, her website for the book is www.toddlersandadhd.com  


For ADHD articles that Donna has written, check out this website listed above.