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Many of the ideas in this book on SM can also be applied to shy children, socially anxious children, and children with other anxiety disorders, too. Therefore, even if the child does not specifically have SM, this book can still be helpful: Living the life with two children with SM and anxiety, in addition to one shy daughter, and also working as a therapist with children with an array of anxiety disorders for many years, I have lots of examples! 


With over 175 sources, this book is comprehensive! From the many parents, teachers, and therapists I have interviewed, Suffering in Silence provides stories of children with SM and their progress, resiliency, and success, so those reading this book can remain hopeful for their own child! In fact, many of them gave me hope for my own twins! Personally, I believe that hope is the greatest gift to both give and receive!


From these people I interviewed, they also shared the heart-wrenching SM struggles they have witnessed, so others reading this book won't feel so isolated and alone with the heartache of watching their child suffer in silence. Between finding a sense of universality of not being completely alone with this rare disorder, and the combination of hope, it's a must read!


As a clinician myself, I discus the different parts of treatment, in combination with each other, to best help the child decrease anxiety, increase verbal output, and live a more peaceful life.


I am also able to provide details on the multifaceted origin of this disorder, which is very complicated! I give details on the thorough diagnostic rule-out procedure between SM and: normative shyness, autism, oppositional defiant disorder, intellectual developmental disorder, learning disability, social anxiety disorder, separation anxiety disorder, and specific phobia.


As a clinical therapist in a therapeutic day school and a previous teacher in a special-edcuation school, I discuss how to best help anxious children at school: academically, socially, and therapeutically. I also give sample letters as to how to get the process for school accommodations started, and I also give  a sample letter for the leaders of extracurricular activities to help them better understand SM.


I offer ideas on how to handle other social situations like birthday parties, play-dates, restaurants, parks, etc. I give ideas on how to handle tantrums/meltdowns, as those can be frequent in SM. I give ideas how to handle disciplining a child with anxiety and SM when the child is not following directions, fighting with siblings, etc., because children with anxiety are usually hypersensitive to criticism. In addition, I offer suggestions as to how to deliver both praise and discipline at school with anxious children.


Please read the disclaimer on "acknowledgment/disclaimer/works cited" page, as it's very important information regarding risk management. It is very long, but in short, no specific therapeutic technique, no SM specialist or general therapist, and no school staff member can guarantee success or an absence of symptoms. This book is not inteneded to formulate a diagnosis, rule-out a diagnosis, or offer treatment. 



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This 300 page book has 12 chapters


Chapter 1: What SM Feels Like for a Parent;

                  What SM Feels Like for a Child


Chapter 2: What is SM?

                   Is it Even a Real Condition?


Chapter 3: What Causes Anxiety Disorders and



Chapter 4: Differential Diagnosis &

                   The issues that Delay an            

                   SM Diagnosis


Chapter 5: Adverse Effects if SM

                   is Not Identified Early On


Chapter 6: Therapeutic Concepts and  

                    Techniques to Help Reduce SM

                    Symptoms at Home, School, and                     in Community settings.


Chapter 7: Other Interpersonal Modes of

                   Therapy for Young Children        

                   with Anxiety Disorders


Chapter 8: Early Intervention Services 


Chapter 9: Special-Education Law and

            School Accommodations for Children                    with  Anxiety Disorders and SM


Chapter 10: Medication and Holistic      

                    Measures for  Anxiety and SM


Chapter 11: Coping Skills for Parents of      

                    Children with Anxiety and SM


Chapter 12: Your Child with SM Might be

                    Meant to Swim