Drawings Without Mouths

When my twins were four-years-old, their speech at home had really taken-off, but I began to notice they were silent in public. Around the same time, they began expressing to me how they felt about this- but not with words; One morning, I walked into their bedroom, and all over their bedroom walls and ceiling (above the top bunk), they had drawn people- people without mouths. Faces with just eyes. They looked like creepy aliens. There were at least 50 of them. A few days later, I found more of these pictures drawn all over my master bedroom's closet floor. I was horrified by these pictures, and I knew my girls were suffering in silence. They were communicating to me they felt like they had no mouths and no voice, and I knew something needed to be done with this social communication anxiety disorder, and we began medication and got into treatment.


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